On Sale Gift Ideas from Rainbow Artists

(Wonderful blog post by our friends at Thunder Rose Leather, thank you Debbie and John!)

Rainbow Artists

We have many talented artists on Rainbow Artists Team. We also have vintage shops and supply shops. You can find many gift ideas when shopping our shoppers guide. Some of us are having sales in our etsy shops and you will be able to find the shops I am sharing here .

Handmade gift ideasHandmade gift ideas

The first shop is Janice from Beadwork4Sale

2. Kathy from Pastfinds

3. Debbie and John from Thunder Rose

4.  Mary from Moonstone Mary

( Row 2)

1.   Cindy from Cinful Designs

2. Monika from TobisiasLilThing

3. Kathy from TheBeachGalleryByKit

5. Diana from LunaEssence

These are some fine shops with great ideas for the holidays.  I am sure more people on the team are having sales go to our shoppers guide or our Facebook page for more information.

Thanks for stoppin in!


Debbie and John

Thunder Rose Leather


Thunder Rose Supplies

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