Rainbow Artists Valentine’s Day Gifts

Beautiful “Valentine’s Day” blog post, featuring handmade works of art by members of the Rainbow Artists Team – thank you Debbie! ❤

Rainbow Artists Team

Good Morning! Valentines day is coming soon and Rainbow Artists Team has some fantastic gift ideas for you to take a look at.

blue-beaded-cuffBlue Beaded Cuff from Beadwork4Sale

Janice is a fantastic bead work artist and has many beautiful beaded items to choose from in her shop.

heart-dreamcatcherHeart Dream catcher from Glowing Heart Studios

Deanna and Kent have a variety of beautiful gift ideas in their store. This is just one  of my favorites.

lampwork-drop-earringsLampwork Drop Earrings from Lilly Beads Designs

Kathi makes beautiful beaded Jewelry of all kinds.

copper-earringsCopper Earrings from Images by Kent Olinger

Kent’s work with copper is absolutely stunning!

gourd-artGourd Art from Speaks With Ancestors

Candy has beautiful gourd art work and medicine bags . There are many fantastic things to choose from in her shop.

KODAK Digital Still CameraPurple fringed Medicine bag from Thunder Rose

This is from my shop. John and I have many gift ideas in…

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