Red From Rainbow Artists Part One

Beautiful handmade “Red” gift items, offered for sale by members of the Rainbow Artists team!


Rainbow Artists

It’s a new fall day and everything is changing and moving. This last full moon seemed to bring about a lot of changes everywhere. It was just about as beautiful as it could be. The moon rising coming up behind the mountains where I live is one of the most fantastic beautiful majestic view one can see.

Since we are on into fall we will be sharing some fall colors and darker bright and bold colors in handmade, supplies and vintage. We are also gonna be getting ready of course for the holiday’s coming before you even know whats going on. Today I am going to start with the color red in handmade.

Speaks with Ancestors

8 Speaks With Ancestors Red Bear Kachina

Check out this fantastic red bear totem on this gourd  by Speaks with Ancestors. This  artwork would make a great decoration for a home that loves native…

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