Inspired by Nature

Wonderful blog post, featuring Rainbow Artists Team handmade gift-giving ideas for the upcoming holidays!

Rainbow Artists Team

In my humble opinion the more time we spend in Nature the more we inspire our creative spirit. Today I would like to show you some shops from Rainbow Artists Team that clearly are inspired by nature .

Take a look at Kit from Kit’s Creation’s beautiful sea glass shell jewelry.

4jpgSea shell and sea glass pendant

I love this unique pendant . Kit found the shell while walking along the beach. She added a Sea Glass Heart Shard with a Heart piece of Clam shell  to make this a special Pendant. I can see some rose colored places in this shell pendant that make it all come together nicely. It’s amazing how Kit can find these beautiful items and then create an extra special piece just for you or a loved one. To read more about Kit go here.


Next check out have Sandy from Little Canary and…

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Home for the Holidays

GREAT collection of gift-giving ideas Debbie, thanks so much for sharing all of these cool items with us! Fantastic blog post! 🙂

Rainbow Artists Team

It’s amazing how fast the holidays come back around. Before you know it we will be working on Thanksgiving dinner and then Christmas. On our Etsy team we are getting a head start with our holiday shopping promotion so everyone has plenty of time to get things done.  Today’s for our featured artists we have a mixed media selection of shops for you to check out.

Kathi Heale from Lilly Beads Designs has a wonderful assortment of beautiful jewelry. One of my favorites from Kathi’s shop is her leather wrap bracelets. Take a look…

4jpgBoho Ruby Zoisite Leather wrap bracelet

I really love the beautiful colors in this bracelet. This boho bracelet would be perfect for a bohemian gypsy friend . I really want you to see some more of Kathi’s work she has so many beautiful colors and styles of handmade jewelry in her shop.

5A variety of handmade…

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Rainbow in Handmade Art

Loving this “hanmade” gift collection, featuring Rainbow Artists by Debbie of Thunder Rose ❤

Rainbow Artists Team

I love the weekend! This week on Rainbow Artists Team we have started our holiday promotion that is going on from now until the middle of December. Many of us used Etsy treasuries to promote our fellow artists but we don’t really have that option now. So my team and I have come together to promote through blogs and social media. We have so many  fantastic handmade artists , vintage sellers and supply shops for your craft projects. We are going to do our best to include a variety of beautiful gift ideas to you over the next couple of months. You can also visit our team shoppers guide and see a wide variety of  gift ideas from our Rainbow Artists Team members.

Take a kook at this weeks gift ideas from these fine artists.

LaBella Terra

6Southwestern Wall Sculpture > Gourd Art

Our friend Ann created this beautiful Southwestern…

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Red From Rainbow Artists Part One

Beautiful handmade “Red” gift items, offered for sale by members of the Rainbow Artists team!


Rainbow Artists Team

It’s a new fall day and everything is changing and moving. This last full moon seemed to bring about a lot of changes everywhere. It was just about as beautiful as it could be. The moon rising coming up behind the mountains where I live is one of the most fantastic beautiful majestic view one can see.

Since we are on into fall we will be sharing some fall colors and darker bright and bold colors in handmade, supplies and vintage. We are also gonna be getting ready of course for the holiday’s coming before you even know whats going on. Today I am going to start with the color red in handmade.

Speaks with Ancestors

8 Speaks With Ancestors Red Bear Kachina

Check out this fantastic red bear totem on this gourd  by Speaks with Ancestors. This  artwork would make a great decoration for a home that loves native…

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Be Yourself

Great post by my friends at Thunder Rose Leather – LOVE me some beads! ❤


Good morning! It’s the middle of the week and so much is going on I am just gonna write. A lot of people like to plan out what they are gonna say or do on a blog but myself I just go with what comes in the moment. Usually when I make a plan it changes right in the middle of it all anyway.  Just like this post I started yesterday and I made it this far and a friend called and I changed direction. So here I am again today one day past the middle of the week.  What got me thinking about planning and blogging is Etsy is teaching about the best way to blog , how to’s . I’ll just weigh in and say be yourself. You and your life no matter what that looks like is where you are and that is good enough. Not everyone…

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